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About Us

Union Agener Animal Health, located in the city of Augusta, Georgia, United States, is a biotechnology unit dedicated to animal health.

The plant was acquired in October 2018 by Fernando de Castro Marques, a majority shareholder of União Química, one of the largest groups in the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil. “Now we are in full control of operations and we will begin production of new Posilac® batches to fully satisfy the demands of the American market and other export markets,” says Fernando de Castro Marques, president of Union Agener and Grupo União Química Farmacêutica.

The unit has state-of-the-art technology and produces, on a large scale, Posilac® product (rbST – recombinant bovine somatotropin), used to increase milk production. The plant has 129,000 m² of total area, of which 24,000 m² is built, with a high-tech vertical production. The product is marketed globally under the trademarks Posilac® and Lactotropin.

This factory complex is FDA certified, having the product present in 22 countries, including the USA.


Union Agener – Augusta, Geórgia
1788 Lovers Ln, Augusta
GA 30901 – United States of America
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